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Special Offer FUE Only £1500

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery in the UK

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a hair transplant technique used for hair restoration into thinning or bald scalp caused by Male Pattern Hair Loss. We have performed FUE hair transplantation in the UK since 2003 and offer it as an alternative hair transplant method to the FUT (strip) hair transplant surgery. We perform both the latest FUE and FUT hair transplants at our Harley St, Marylebone, London clinic and consultations at both centres - Midlands and London. How does FUE work?

Our FUE hair transplant costs are very cost effective but for a limited time, we have our best price for FUE hair transplant surgery, with Dr Kremer, who is an FUE only specialist. Dr Kremer and her established FUE team will offer small, "tester" 500 FUE graft sessions for only 1500, under certain criteria:

New patients only, no previous hair transplantation, patients must have a shaven scalp, plus be suitable for hair transplantation in general i.e. age, health, good donor area, ideally on Propecia. You must also be available for our FUE surgery only sessions.

The FUE technique is also known as the FIT, FUSE, DHI and Woods techniques but is most commonly recognised as the Follicular Unit Extraction technique for hair transplants. It can be used for both men and women (female pattern hair loss).

Before FUE
Before FUE
6 months after FUE
6 months after FUE
12 months after FUE
12 months after FUE

How does FUE work? - watch the animation

Why FUE?

  • Provides perfect, natural and permanent results that even a hairdresser would not notice.
  • Minimal trauma to the scalp.
  • Faster healing and recovery of the donor area without visible scarring.
  • Ideal for Male Pattern Baldness or to repair cosmetic damage.
  • Especially suited to those who prefer to keep their hair cut short or shaved.
  • Affordable and puts you in control of your budget and schedule.


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Are you a candidate for FUE?

FUE may be a new technique, but it is already proven to be a successful and permanent answer to male pattern baldness.

It is almost certain to be suitable for those who have enough hair to donate from the back or the side of the head these are the hairs that are genetically programmed to grow for life.